Hello Riders!
We know it’s been a tough ride, and we want to thank you for sticking by while we ensured your KO-1 was absolutely perfect and ready for you to safely enjoy. 
The time has finally come, and our containers have shipped out from Asia, meaning you’ll have your KO-1 delivered to you within 30 days.
As we’ve mentioned before, a software malfunction forced us to significantly delay production on some of our orders, but safety always comes first over at Kiwano, and we can proudly say you’ll receive a one of a kind product. 
We know the anticipation is huge and it’s been one heck of a wait, so since we can’t be there when you get your KO-1, we’d love for you to share that first look when you unbox it! To do so, simply share your videos using #UnboxMyKiwano and you’ll be automatically entered in one of our giveaways!
Hope to catch you riding soon!
Kiwano Team!
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Kiwano KO1 News update for first riders.

To all our Riders and Fans!


As we have come in to the new year and started to deliver some of our first orders we have decided to delay the remaining orders whilst we add an additional safety feature to our software program.


As much as we love seeing riders post their scooters and email us feedback and as much as we don't like seeing negative comments also due to delays this is necessary for us to do and safety is always going to be more important to us. 


The Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter can move in ride mode when there is no one touching it and it is necessary for us to add an additional cut out feature so the scooter goes in to safety mode once it is more than two meters away from you so it does not continue to go off on it's own. 


We apologise for the continuous delays to riders out there that are still waiting but we are in this business for the long term and the product comes first before anything else.


Deliveries will be coming to your door in June 2018. We are ramping up production in May to support our global network and online business for summer and Christmas of 2018. 


Kiwano team!

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