Revolutionising Electric Rideable’s!

This year Kiwano is on a mission to becoming a global leader in Premium Electric Rideable’s.

We are an experienced design manufacturing company with world class designers and engineers from the UK, USA, Asia. We strive to be the best, with our passion and highly motivated team we are achieving ground breaking results.  

Understanding new innovation and technology is absolutely key to our success. With our own manufacturing facilities and marketing offices in USA, Europe and Asia we have full control when launching our products both online and offline.

With a solid product roadmap behind our belt we have an incredible vision, we understand our positioning as a brand which consists of premium quality electric rideable’s constructed of only the highest quality materials and award winning designs. Our first product introduction, the Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter we believe demonstrates this.

All our products come with limited warranty, maintenance support and a return policy. With an excellent range of products coming we are certain to bring excitement to children, teens and adults.

Our customers come first and we are here to listen and learn. Our website features an easy yet extensive support centre, live chat communication is available 24 hours a day with one of our dedicated customer service representatives. Please do reach out to us, we would be more than happy to help!

We will be constantly engaged with our community, please do keep up to date with our news posts and follow our journey!

Thank you!

Kiwano Team